CMO's top 8 martech stories for the week - 30 January 2020

All the latest martech and adtech news this week from ActiveCampaign, Flamingo Ai, Vibes and Infutor, Strategus, Quadrant, LiveRamp, Microsoft, Genesys, Demandbase and Qlik

ActiveCampaign secures US$100m cash injection

Customer experience automation vendor, ActiveCampaign, has secured US$100 million in its latest series B investment round. 

Key investors this time include Susquehanna and Silversmith Capital Partners, which was the sole sponsor in the series A funding round in 2016. ActiveCampaign said it will use the funding to develop its CXA category through product innovations to advance beyond legacy marketing automation, traditional CRM and service technology, while continuing international expansion and building on its customer success team and partner ecosystem.

ActiveCampaign is pitching its platform across the spectrum of small, midsize, and enterprise businesses and has 90,000 customers spanning 161 countries. Since its last funding round, the company said it had increased annual recurring revenue six-fold to more than $90 million, opened new offices in several locations including Sydney, and grown its employee base to 550 staff. It’s also been building out a partner ecosystem through an app marketplace and now has more than 260 technology partners and 250 pre-defined automations.

“This additional capital gives us the flexibility to continue to quickly adapt to our customers' needs in a very dynamic market while remaining focused on long-term investments in our core platform,” ActiveCampaign founder and CEO, Jason VandeBoom, said. “I have built a relationship with SGE over the last three years and knew this was the right fit.”

Flamingo Ai granted patent for machine learning technology

Australian-based artificial intelligence (AI) company, Flamingo Ai, has been granted a patent for its Semi-supervised Question Answering Machine.

The patent covers the core technology used in the company’s proprietary software solution, the Intelligent Knowledge Sharing Hub, used by enterprises in the Australian and US markets. These rights last 20 years until 30 August 2038. The patent is also currently awaiting examination in the US.  

Flamingo Ai’s conversational intelligence relies on a novel form of semi-supervised machine learning, which combines supervised and unsupervised ML to enable the rapid learning of unsupervised learning associated with the tight control of supervised approaches.

Vibes integrates Infutor ID Max

Consumer identity management outfit, Infutor, has partnered with Vibes, a mobile marketing platform, to help brands enhance audience data and market segmentation for optimising mobile engagement.

Vibes' customer data intelligence solution enables brands access to Infutor's ID Max solution to enhance consumer data by matching customer profiles and improving segmentation and audience targeting with expanded data. This new integration will also give brands access to enhanced attributes such as home ownership, household income, marital status and purchasing power, along with advanced analytics for AI-powered insights.

Strategus Labs aggregates first full-strength OTT/CTV attribution suite

Adtech managed services platform, Strategus, has taken the wrappers off its first full-strength suite of attribution reporting tools for connected television advertisers.

The Strategus Labs Attribution Suite delivers six customisable components that attribute the follow-on behaviour of CTV viewers. These include post-view website attribution, which shows direct engagement on brand site after OTT/CTV ad exposure, and online purchase attribution, which tracks users who purchase after OTT/CTV ad exposure, whether on brand's website or on

Foot traffic measurement functionality offers offline, cross-device ID physical tracking into store after ad exposure, while inferred brand impact measures consumer pre-purchase intent to research products and services after ad exposure. UPC-based purchase attribution offers direct post-view product purchases based on universal purchase code (UPC) barcode tracking, and offline conversion tracking pinpoints audience advertising exposure to subsequent online un-trackable activity and/or offline purchases.

Quadrant partners with LiveRamp to expand APAC audience data, a data and technology provider specialising in high-quality mobile location-based data, has partnered with LiveRamp to bring its audience data to the LiveRamp identity management platform and its marketplace of data buyers across Asia-Pacific.

LiveRamp IdentityLink aims to connect people, data and devices across the digital and physical worlds for people-based marketing. Quadrant provides purpose-built mobile location-based audience data that helps advertisers and marketers understand and meet their unique campaign needs. The pair said Quadrant’s primary focus on location data caters to an essential need of this group to understand real-world behaviour, movement and intent.

Microsoft and Genesys expand partnership

Microsoft and Genesys have also expanded their partnership this week to provide a new cloud service for contact centres aimed at delivering superior interactions for customers.

With the omnichannel customer experience solution, Genesys Engage, running on Microsoft Azure, enterprises have the security and scalability they need to manage the complexities involved with connecting every touchpoint throughout the customer journey. 

Genesys Engage on Microsoft Azure will be available in late 2020. To accelerate adoption, the companies are providing Genesys Engage on Microsoft Azure through a joint co-selling and go-to-market strategy. The pair said customers will benefit from a streamlined buying process that puts them on a clear path to the cloud.

With its multi-tenant architecture, Genesys Engage on Microsoft Azure gives customers the ability to innovate faster and improve their business agility. In addition, by running the Genesys customer experience solution on this dependable cloud environment, enterprises will be able to maximise their investment in Microsoft Azure through simplified management and maintenance requirements, centralised IT expertise, reduced costs and more. These solutions make it easier for enterprises to leverage cloud and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies so they can gain deeper insights and provide tailor-made experiences for their customers.

Demandbase launches Dynamic Audiences

Account-based marketing (ABM) outfit, Demandbase, has launched Dynamic Audiences, a new feature for its platform designed to help B2B marketers automate their advertising and marketing campaigns. 

Dynamic Audiences enables marketers to optimise their ABM strategy by automatically updating campaign audiences with the most relevant target accounts, based on CRM updates, recent offsite intent activity, website engagement, or other events that support a specific campaign.

Dynamic Audiences is powered by artificial intelligence (AI), allowing B2B marketers to automate the targeting of specific accounts with specific messages. It can help to automatically advertise to new accounts as they progress through the buyer’s journey; prioritise marketing investment on accounts showing interest in products; deliver the most relevant content to target accounts; and save time and resources by creating always-on campaigns.

Qlik rebrands Attunity Solutions

Following its acquisition, Qlik is rebranding the Attunity brand and data integration products into the Qlik brand.

With this move, Qlik developed its analytics to include a data integration platform. Initially, Qlik maintained the Attunity brand as a division of Qlik through 2019 so customers and partners became aware that Attunity was a part of Qlik. It now has two separation platforms - Qlik Data Integration and Qlik Data Analytics. 

Qlik’s Data Integration platform consists of: Qlik Replicate (formerly Attunity Replicate), Qlik Enterprise Manager (formerly Attunity Enterprise Manager), Qlik Compose (formerly Attunity Compose), Qlik Gold Client (formerly Attunity Gold Client), and Qlik Data Catalyst.

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