Are brands ready for multicultural marketing?

A changing demographic presents challenges to brands to execute multicultural marketing but the rewards are authenticity and growth

How to execute multicultural marketing

Dr Saluja offers the following advice on how to execute multicultural marketing in an authentic way:

1. Research

Multicultural marketing requires relevant research to understand the audience and a campaign design informed by this deeper understanding with the lens or the ‘walk in their shoes’ review process to identify potential blindspots. A one-size-fits-all approach won’t cut it, nor will a ‘tick a box’ approach to inclusion.

It’s important to recognise cultural differences at a very nuanced level because most consumers can see through marketing strategies that are simply paying lip service to the idea of inclusivity and diversity, but not really understanding it at a deeper more meaningful level, Dr Saluja tells CMO

“Brands need to conduct adequate research with a diverse set of consumers to understand what does and doesn’t click with them and use that data to design effective marketing campaigns and programs. Companies also need to use data analytics and data science to analyse any consumer data and develop insights that will help them effectively target consumers based on cultural differences,” she says.

2. Preferences

Brands also need to constantly monitor consumer preferences through consumer research, surveys, social listening, data analytics and so on, so that they can predict how consumer tastes will change and evolve, she says.

3. Tech mindset

And keeping abreast of technological changes is also very important given how relevant technology has become in everyday life.

"Tracking competing brands and companies is also really important to monitor changes in the market,” Dr Saluja adds.

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