CMO's top 8 martech stories for the week - 26 September 2019

All the latest martech and adtech news this week from Tealium, InMoment, Tableau, Arq Group, Playground XYZ, Ometria, Oracle and Daisy Intelligence

Tealium launches Tealium Predict

Customer data management platform, Tealium, has added to its AudienceStream offering with a new machine learning (ML) tool, Tealium Predict, providing insights across its entire tech stack.

Tealium Predict is designed to help brands draw conclusions about future customer behaviour and design program to address those needs. Under the bonnet, it has a range of functionality, which includes the ability to process a score for individual customers on the likelihood they will return or complete any action. These scores can be used to design customer segments for further proactive action, such as re-engagement campaigns.

Predict can also be used as an add-on for organisations with existing ML capability or a new solution for organisations wanting to get started with ML. It can be incorporated across all touchpoints and technologies. 

Tealium AudiencesStream natively integrates data collection and data activation with machine learning intelligence, reducing the common challenges of data preparation and activation in machine learning initiatives.

New version of Tableau expands AI-powered analytics

Data and analytics visualisation platform, Tableau, has taken the wrappers off its latest release, Explain Data, a new capability built into Tableau for advanced statistical analysis with a single click. The vendor has also announced a range of updates bring new and enhances features to the Tableau offering.

Explain Data uses statistical AI-driven algorithms to analyse all available data on behalf of the analyst and automatically explain the most relevant factors on any given data point. Explain Data can be used to select a data point in a visualisation and Tableau will use powerful Bayesian statistical methods to automatically evaluate hundreds of patterns and potential explanations across all the available data in seconds.

Dozens of new product features are also included with the upgrade to Tableau 2019.3, including new ways to engage with Tableau’s natural language (NLP) capability, Ask Data. It can now be embedded within a company portal or page, to boost usage. 

Tableau Server can now encrypt data extracts at rest and new data connectors have been added to the platform with every release. Tableau also continues to add new data connectors to the platform with every release. With this release, the Spark machine learning tool now has a native data connector to Databricks. 

Tableau has also launched Tableau Catalog, a new capability in the Data Management add-on that provides a holistic view of all data used in Tableau for improved visibility and enhanced data discovery. Another debut this week is a new tool to boost security, manageability and scalability needs of enterprise customers, the Tableau Server Management Add-On. It is designed to manage the data within analytics environment, ensuring up-to-date, trusted data is always used to drive decisions.

InMoment's new iteration of XI Transformational Framework

Customer experience management vendor, InMoment, has launched a new iteration of its core XI Transformational Framework.

Part of the XI Platform, the updated offering includes features such as benchmarking, market survey, survey experience and optimisation. Also available are complete self-service usability, upgraded text analytics capabilities, advanced crosstab reporting, holistic campaign insights and reporting, and enhanced employee engagement surveying and reporting.

In addition, InMoment has established new teams as part of its latest XI Transformational Framework to support a three-pronged approach - data, design and domain -  a move it says combines technology with expert guidance. Supporting a data-led approach is InMoment Labs, a new team of data scientists and analysts, along with InMoment Garage is a new dedicated team of designers devoted to the creative design of technology.

A further capability investment is the new InMoment XI strategy and enablement team aimed at driving value and sharing expertise in experience intelligence for customers.

Oracle works to align advertising and marketing

Oracle has updated its enterprise-class customer data management (CDP) platform with new functionality which it says brings together customer data from the marketing and advertising systems.

According to the vendor, CX Unity will allow B2B and B2C brands to develop a complete customer intelligence platform for managing all their customer data. Organisations will be able to create personalised and contextual experiences across all customer interactions, from website visits and online ads to customer service calls and in-store transactions.

CX Unity will connect with Oracle’s Data Management Platform (DMP) and ID Graph tools to enable brands to bring together traditional marketing and advertising data, including online, offline and third-party customer data sources. It then applies built-in machine learning to prescribe the optimal experience within existing business processes.

This enables brands to create a single and dynamic view of the customer in real time and then use that customer intelligence to deliver experiences that increase sales, improve satisfaction, and grow customer lifetime value

Arq Group welcomes virtual concierge for business 

The receptionless office is now one step closer with the launch of a new virtual concierge platform from Arq Group.

The digital receptionist uses both artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to creation a virtual concierge for offices. Arq Group said businesses in the retail, tourism and travel, HR and resources industries are most likely to benefit immediately from the virtual concierge.  

Offering conversational and contextual assistance through touch-free interaction, customers can approach and talk to the digital receptionist to notify staff of arrival, order their favourite coffee and complete onsite safety inductions if relevant. The bespoke product can be designed specifically to match the tone, style and image of the brand across their multiple office sites and check-in points.  

The machine learning technology evolves after every customer contact, remembering the interaction, requests and requirements so that the individual has an easy and smooth experience the next time.

Playground XYZ debuts new awareness tool

Adtech solutions provider, Playground XYZ, has launched its first digital advertising platform based on attention time as a KPI.

The custom-built, opt-in mobile Web browser captures the users’ eye gaze coordinates using the front facing camera on the device. Consumers explicitly opt in and give their consent, then read trending news articles while the privacy-compliant research is conducted. The vendor said the Attention Intelligence Platform enables brands and agencies to create and deploy attention-grabbing mobile ads. Along with industry standard metrics such as Viewability, the system reports on which assets are being looked at most and makes real time improvements to creative and media.

To coincide with the new Attention Intelligence Platform release, Playground XYZ has launched a new report that shows attention is a better metric than view ability to predict awareness. Independent firm, Kantar, verified the accuracy of the statistical calculations used when analysing the brand studies contained in the report.

A key result across seven separate studies using ads from blue chip brands found that compared to viewability, attention time is 7.5 times more powerful a predictor of driving awareness and 5.9 times more predictive when it comes to driving recall.

Ometria secures Series B funding, looks to AI to expand its capabilities

Ometria will be expanding the platform’s specialist retail marketing capabilities and further innovating its AI-based technology thanks to a a Series B round of funding worth US$21 million just announced.

Ometria is a dedicated retail customer insights tool which can enable businesses to create a unified predictive profile for each customer. Ometria will use the investment to further evolve its retail marketing offers, adding to it with AI capabilities.

Off the back of the funding round, the company will also be opening its first US-based operation in New York.

AI-powered retail insights provider secures next phase of funding

Daisy Intelligence has raised US$10 million in Series A financing, led by Framework Venture Partners and partnered by European-based corporate investor, Sonae IM.

The funding will enable Daisy to expand globally, invest in sales and marketing, provide further support for its customer success teams, and expand its operational infrastructure as growth demands. Daisy’s AI-powered technology platform helps retailers and insurance companies generate significantly improved financial results by delivering business recommendations and automating complex processes beyond human capability.

With its core AI SaaS platform, Daisy is pitching itself as an intelligence and automation layer for making better merchandising decisions. The vendor claimed it's helped retail clients increase year over year, averaging same store sales uplift of 2.9 per cent by optimising their promotional product and pricing mix. Insurance companies are also using Daisy’s AI-powered risk management platform to detect and avoid millions of dollars in fraud and automatically adjudicate claims.

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