CMO's top 10 martech stories for the week - 28 March 2019

All the latest martech and adtech news this week

Salesforce launching a CDP

Salesforce is reportedly building its first enterprise-grade Customer Data Platform. Salesforce says the CDP is a natural extension of Salesforce Customer 360.

Salesforce Customer 360 provides a single customer ID, with the CDP to build on this unified identity foundation to deliver a “single view of the customer” for marketing professionals.

More details about the CDP will be officially announced June 17-19 in Chicago at Connections, its event on the future of customer engagement.

Adobe debuts customer data platform engine

Meanwhile Adobe has unveiled a real-time customer data engine and platform, Customer Experience cloud improvements, a new Commerce Cloud and integration of Marketo into Marketing Cloud and a host of enhancements to its Advertising Cloud and Analytics cloud at this week's Summit in Las Vegas.

Adobe’s most significant announcement this week is arguably the global availability of Adobe Experience Platform, an open and extensible customer data engine and platform for stitching data sets across the enterprise in order to enable real-time customer profiles. These can be used to drive intelligent decisioning across the vendor’s wider range of marketing and experience execution platforms via the vendor’s artificial intelligence engine, Adobe Sensei, and machine learning capabilities.

In addition, Adobe announced expansion of existing data software vendor partnerships with Microsoft and SAP, as well as a fresh partnership with ServiceNow to bring the latter’s customer support data into the Adobe Experience Platform.

And following its acquisition of ecommerce vendor, Magento, last year, Adobe has debuted a new Commerce Cloud, sitting alongside the Marketing Cloud, Analytics Cloud and Advertising Cloud offerings under the Adobe Experience Cloud moniker.

You can read our full story about the new Adobe product offerings here.

Hootsuite integrates with Adobe Experience Platform

In line with Adobe's announcement, Hootsuite has unveiled an upcoming integration with Adobe Experience Platform. Developed collaboratively with Adobe, this first-of-its-kind integration will bring insights from social activity to the latter's new real-time customer profile, enabling Adobe customers to deliver omni-channel marketing initiatives informed by their customers’ social media behaviour.

Once live, Hootsuite will deliver six integrated Adobe solutions, further cementing Hootsuite as Adobe’s preferred social media management partner. 

The new Adobe Experience Platform integration will add to Hootsuite’s suite of Adobe integrations, joining Adobe Analytics, Adobe Campaign, Adobe Experience Manager Assets, Adobe’s Marketo Engagement Platform, and Adobe Stock to solidify Hootsuite’s position as the leading social suite.

McDonald’s to purchase Dynamic Yield

McDonald’s Corp is buying Dynamic Yield, a personalisation technology company, to reportedly boost its marketing efforts.

According to reports, McDonald’s will pay more than US$300 million for the company. McDonald's said it will utilise this decision technology to provide a personalised customer experience by varying outdoor digital Drive Thru menu displays to show food based on time of day, weather, current restaurant traffic and trending menu items. The decision technology can also instantly suggest and display additional items to a customer's order based on their current selections.   

Upon closing of the acquisition, McDonald's will begin to roll this technology out in the Drive Thru at restaurants in the United States in 2019 and then expand the use to other top international markets. McDonald's will also begin work to integrate the technology into all of its digital customer experience touchpoints, such as self-order kiosks and McDonald's Global Mobile App.   

ReachLocal launches ad solution 

ReachLocal has launched an ad solution, ReachSocial Ads with Smart Optimisation Technology (RSA SOT).

The vendor positioned the new offering as a Facebook and Instagram Ad solution with artificial intelligence.  RSA SOT aims to automatically optimise a client’s budget across multiple Facebook campaign types to deliver on a specific business goal.

The artificial intelligence (AI) in RSA SOT claims to automatically shift budget toward the highest performing campaign type. Once the spend begins, the AI will daily evaluate each objective’s performances based on their KPI, then every third day the technology will switch the budget distribution to the top performing campaign type.

Domo launches various features at Domopalooza

Domo has taken the wrappers off Domo Stories, a new feature set that empowers customers to put more context around data, help them close the data literacy gap and get more value from their business data.

This was just one of a variety of Domo announcements this week.

With Domo Stories, customers can create customised dashboard layouts, offer a curated, guided experience around data, and more effectively lead others through a data story from a trusted data set, to ensure audiences better understand the story the data is trying to tell.

The company also launched the Domo for Good (D4G) Exchange, an online community that empowers Domo’s purpose-driven customers to apply data and expertise to help non-profits build better communities, improve lives and support a healthier planet. 

Domo IoT Cloud is another new offering which taps the power of the Domo platform to help customers harness the full potential of IoT data.  The Domo IoT Cloud, with the industry’s largest set of pre-built API connectors for IoT data, empowers customers to more easily create business value from machine and device data, whether it’s coming from the shop floor or out in the field 

Domo introduced the Domo Business Automation Engine, which leverages machine learning and advanced alerting capabilities to help organisations coordinate intelligent, event-based workflows and shorten the time from insights to action.

Domo expanded its data science solution with new Amazon SageMaker integration, which combines the strength of Amazon SageMaker with the power of the Domo platform to make it easier for customers to leverage their machine learning models and deliver more accurate and actionable predictions across the business from their real-time data in Domo.

Pocketmath PRO'S AppGraph launches

Pocketmath, a technology company that provides programmatic advertising solutions, announced a new feature to Pocketmath PRO.

AppGraph is PRO’s audience discovery feature that aims to allow users to discover new audiences, including competitors’ users, offering advertisers a more direct way to build audiences and gain market share.

With AppGraph, PRO users have access to mobile app audience insights, allowing its users to target a selected group of people based on the mobile apps they own. PRO’s Audiences feature, which allows users to create custom audience profiles based on several factors including age, interests and routines, offers users a crystal-clear understanding of the lifestyle and context of targeted audiences that can be combined with mobile app insights. AppGraph then enables users to place relevant messages on apps their targeted audiences are using, thus ensuring that PRO’s users are spending mobile budgets efficiently.

Intercom announces new ABM Functionality

Intercom, a customer messaging platform, has debuted new account-based marketing (ABM) functionality.

The vendor's new feature aims to allow marketers to engage with target accounts through personalised live chat messages on their website, so teams can convert more target accounts to real sales opportunities

By tapping into the magic of Intercom’s Messenger on a brand’s website, businesses are able to provide personal and real time engagement instantaneously. Intercom identifies contacts from a business’ target accounts as soon as they visit their website, automatically triggering a personalised message that connects sales directly to the prospects they want most. Businesses will be armed with the information and opportunity to efficiently and quickly connect with top targets in real-time.

The new ABM functionality is Intercom’s next step towards becoming a next generation CRM.

TripleLift opens an office in Sydney

TripleLift, a native advertising platform, announced the opening of an office in Sydney, which will service clients across the Asia-Pacific region. The team will be led by country manager Kevin Delie.

“Kevin has built what was just a solo operation into an integral part of TripleLift’s overall global growth,” said the company's general manager of International, John Stoneman.

“Several of Australia’s largest publishers are now clients and the ad requests delivered in the region number in the billions per month. We look forward to an even more significant expansion with the team we are onboarding there.”

Noble.AI raises funding

Noble.AI has raised a new round of funding from Solvay Ventures, bringing total investment in the company to $8.6 million to date.

Solvay was previously an early customer of the platform, and its research arm generates huge volumes of data from various sources, which is part of the reason for the investment, confirmed the firm. 

Noble.AI’s Universal Ingestion Engine and Intelligent Recommendation Engine claim to enable the creation of high-quality data assets for these kinds of big data sets that can later be turned into recommendations for decision making inside these large businesses.

Founder and CEO of Noble.AI, Dr. Matthew C. Levy, said he is “enthusiastic to see what unfolds in its next phase, tackling the most important and high-value problems in chemistry” via the partnership with Solvay.

“Noble.AI has the potential to be a real game changer for Solvay in the way it enables us to utilize data from our 150-year history with new AI tools, resulting in a unique lever to accelerate our innovation,” said Stéphane Roussel, Solvay Ventures’ managing director.

Prime Movers led a seed round in Noble.AI in late 2018, which was never previously disclosed to the press. Solvay Ventures is now leading this second seed round.

The move comes in the context of booming corporate R&D spending, which in 2018 reached $782 billion among the top 1000 companies, representing a 14 percent increase relative to 2017 and the largest figure deployed to R&D ever. However, R&D in corporates lags behind the startup world, so these strategic investments seem to be picking up pace.

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