CMO's top 8 martech stories for the week - 18 May 2017

All the latest martech and adtech news from Jaywing, DataXu, Gainsight, Terminus, Tibco, Apple, Hoosuite and etouches.

Aussie agency launches AI and VR powered marketing suite

Data science-led agency, Jaywing, is bringing artificial intelligence and virtual reality to a host of data-driven marketing applications via its new platform.

Jaywing Intelligence is designed to address online and offline data collection, intelligence and real-time decision making. The platform uses machine learning to harvest, process and analyse data, allowing it to then facilitate automated, real-time marketing decisions. It also employs VR for data visualisation in a bid to bring complex analysis better to life.

The product suite is being used by more than 15 clients across a variety of sectors, including UK broadcasters, Sky and ITV, gym franchise, Anytime Fitness in Australia and consultancy firm, KPMG. Jaywing Intelligence comes either as software, dashboards, a managed service or via an API. Its launch comes off the back of Jaywing’s acquisition of UK Agency Bloom.

Jaywing said use cases for the new suite include assisting with driving real-time pricing changes in response to competitor pricing or an individual’s price sensitivity, more intelligent approaches to lapsers, crisis PR, display advertising, attribution, and influencer marketing.

“With one in 10 of our 700 employees being a heavyweight data scientist, we’ve been able to captialise on almost 20 years of heritage in using advanced mathematics to solve client challenges and today’s processing power to bring to the market a revolutionary product suite that has a multitude of marketing applications,” said CEO of the UK and Australia, Rob Shaw.

The company is headquartered in the UK but launched in Australia in March, led by joint managing directors Chris Pittham and Tom Geekie.

DataXu debuts self-service TV buying

DataXu has launched a new self-service TV buying platform aimed at helping brands better connect digital and TV media planning.

The new offering, which debuted in the US last week, is based on DataXu’s OneView technology, which allows users to define custom audiences off the back of first-party and third-party data and engage across websites, mobile apps and TV content. It does this by working with a number of data providers including Oracle Data Cloud.

The new self-service interface for TV buying allows users to access premium TV content from networks such as Fox, HGTV, BBC America and Food Network, as well as choose from hundreds of curated content providers such as Google AdX, AOL, SpotX and StickyAds. The platform allows provides access to real-time insights about outcomes and audiences including in-demo reach, interests, lifestyle and shopping behaviours.

“Brands are hungry for the next advancement in TV advertising,” said DataXu VP of TV solutions, Tore Tellefsen. “To DataXu, that’s taking audience targeting past basic demographics using OneView. By bringing this capability to self-serve customers, we’re democratising TV buying: Small and mid-sized agencies are able to leverage premium inventory with data targeting and advanced analytics to create a level playing field with more traditional buyers of TV.”

Reports: Apple buys Lattice Data for US$200m

It's not strictly martech, but reports on TechCrunch this week about Apple's acquisition of AI startup, Lattice Data, for US$200 million, should be of interest to CMO readers as a sign of the ongoing quest to harness data.

Lattice Data was the result of Stanford research project, Deep Dive, a programmatic and execution framework for statistical inference to help better gauge the value of ‘dark data’. Gartner defines dark data as unstructured information collected by organisations during regular business activities, such as machine data, that is buried and not currently being utilised.

According to the TechCrunch report, the deal closed a couple of weeks ago and 20 engineers have joined Apple as a result.

Read the full report here

Gainsight raises US$52m to build customer success network

US-based customer management vendor, Gainsight, has closed a US$52 million Series E funding round to help extend its customer success platform into new markets and industries.

Contributors to the latest funding round include Lightspeed Venture Partners, Battery Ventures, Bain Capital Ventures, Cisco and Salesforce.

Gainsight’s product is design to help businesses track customer health and better oriented around the customer. Key features include the ability to structure, streamline and optimise workflow around the customer lifecycle, capture usage data to deliver messaging to customers at the right time, identify abnormal customer engagement patterns, track customer references and seek customer feedback, and business reporting tools.

“The most progressive companies in the world view their customers as foundational to long-term success, just as much as their products and employees, and operationalizing their Customer Success discipline has become a cornerstone of the executive agendas at companies of all sizes and industries,” said Gainsight CEO, Nick Mehta, who is also co-author of Customer Success: How Innovative Companies Are Reducing Churn and Growing Recurring Revenue.

“We are fortunate at Gainsight to expand our partnership with Lightspeed Venture Partners to help fuel our momentum, while together with our customers, we define strategy for a brand new profession in customer success.”

Gainsight customers include Gigamon, VMware, Citrix, Resmed Brightree, Marketo, ABC Financial and MCG Health.

Terminus secures US$10m

Account-based marketing vendor, Terminus, has secured another US$10 million following a Series B funding round.

The latest cash injection will be used to build out its ABM platform, as well as the supporting partner program, plus expand operations. The funding round not only included existing investors, HubSpot also contributed to the fundraising round.

Terminus’ software-as-a-service platform is pitched at B2B marketers and allows them to use data contained in CRM systems, such as Salesforce, to orchestrate marketing campaigns through buyer and customer journeys tied into one account view.

Since its initial Series A investment from Edison a year ago, Terminus claims to have experienced more than 600 per cent revenue growth, a 300 per cent increase in its customer base, and grown its employee base four-fold. Terminus was founded in 2014.

“Our rapid success is a derivative of having a partner like Edison giving us formative support and believing in our mission. Their team and network have proven invaluable, from helping us round out our team, to coaching our executives, and reinforcing our market opportunity,” said Terminus CEO and co-founder, Eric Spett. “It’s been an exciting journey so far, and we know that Terminus is on the right path to sustained growth and innovation.”

Hootsuite goes for bigger Impact

Hootsuite has launched its new Hootsuite Impact offering off the back of its acquisition of social analytics player, LiftMetrix, in February.

Hootsuite Impact is integrated into the social media management vendor’s platform and provides an interface to view owned, earned and paid social initiatives. The tool can be integrated with multiple third-party analytics platforms as well as visualisation tools such as Tableau, in order to compare social data against other marketing efforts.

On top of this, Hootsuite said it’s launching new “value realisation” consulting services to help enterprises better understand how to measure and interpret social interactions and investments. This will see its teams working with clients on ROI and establishing KPIs.

“Hootsuite’s goal is to enable organizations to leverage social data to drive business outcomes,” said the vendor’s SVP of strategy and corporate development, Matt Switzer. “With Hootsuite Impact and our Hootsuite Value Realization services, we want to be our customers’ trusted partner in proving and growing the value of social across their organisations.”

Tibco acquires data science platform maker

Data mining and intelligence management player, Tibco, has picked up data science platform maker, Statistica, for an undisclosed sum.

In a statement, Tibco said the acquisition will bolster its analytics product offerings, adding new capability making it easier for data scientists to use machine learning in a variety of applications, including analysing large amounts of data from Internet of Things (IoT) systems. It also provides modelling and validation tools for deep learning, all aimed at improving data access.

Statistica is headquartered in the US and pitches its solutions as enabling users to more rapidly uncover insights from source data. The deal is expected to close in Q3 and will also see Statistica become part of the Tibco Insight Platform.

Etouches completes Loopd integration

Event management software provider, etouches, has completed the integration of Loopd’s technology into its core platform following its acquisition last year.

The vendor claims the integration of the two platforms creates a more comprehensive, end-to-end platform for managing all aspects of the events and meeting lifecycle, including real-time performance of live events. Specifically, the integration sees Loopd’s wearable smart badges combined with CRM, data analytics and mobile technology.

“Loopd improves the overall attendee experience by facilitating and simplifying the exchange of information and tracking and analysing attendee engagement,” said Loopd co-founder and director of product for mobile, data, and engagement for etouches, Brian Friedman. “With this integration, event organisers can focus on running great events while etouches captures and analyses attendee data.”

Etouches was recently acquired by HGGC, a leading middle market private equity firm. HGGC’s investment will help etouches expand its business and further invest in its market-leading cloud platform. The vendor has 1300 customers and executed 46,000 events over the last 12 months.

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