CMO's top 8 martech stories for the week - 30 March 2017

All the latest martech and adtech news from Signal, BrandMaker, Lotame, Blis, Freshdesk, Rubicon Project, Conversocial and Confirmit.

BrandMaker debuts Customer Engagement Cloud

US marketing technology vendor, BrandMaker, has taken the wrappers off its new Customer Engagement Cloud aimed at B2B marketers.

The software platform is designed to help users better personalised content based on customer stages and optimal channels for engagement. Marketers specify customer personas and profiles and can then automatically build personalised content journeys that match each stage of the sales cycle.

“The outdated ‘push marketing’ model typically results in a 98 per cent lead mortality rate. Bombarding prospects with irrelevant marketing materials until they either make a purchase, or more likely break off contact in frustration, is not a sustainable strategy in today’s increasingly competitive markets,” said BrandMaker’s CMO, Stephan Nobs.

Using its new technology, marketers can also analyse how prospects are reacting to content and produced detailed lead reports looking at the types of content they engaged with, time spent with content, shared options and recommendations for additional material.

Signal officially launches Customer Identity Solution

Customer data management vendor, signal, has officially launched its Customer Identity Solution to the global market.

The platform is pitched as an agnostic offering that unites data from across the enterprise into a single customer identifier and management solution. This then acts as the engine to better targeting audiences through real-time media and marketing activity.

The platform’s key selling point is the ability to build a customer data foundation based on a deterministic identity graph. Persistent identities are created based on a variety of sources such as first-party data, browsing and behavioural signals.

Sky Betting is among the latest customers to roll out the technology. Read our full case study here.

Signal has also struck a new partnership with Tapad, which provides unified, cross-screen marketing technology solutions, to leverage the latter’s proprietary Device GraphTM to extend device connectivity for Signal’s clients across North America, APAC and EMEA.

The integration combines Signal’s customer identity scale with Tapad’s device scale to expand the reach of addressable media channels and enhance customer journey insights across touchpoints. The pair claim the alliance has driven incremental device connections for more than 65 per cent of customer profiles, linking an average of 6.8 browsers and devices per customer.

The partnership also allows Signal’s clients to integrate in real-time with Tapad’s media platform, Unify.

Blis predicts future location modelling solution

Location intelligence company, Blis, is claiming a first with its new artificial intelligence-powered mobile advertising product: Blis Futures.

The new predictive location modelling solution is based on proprietary deep learning technology and designed to identify consumers most likely to visit specific locations. It does this by grouping like data sets and identifying behavioural patterns, then building audience segments based on their predicted conversion rate, as well as when and where to target them.

Blis is also offering a guarantee that advertisers will also be charged per consumer visit, a metric it’s calling ‘cost per visit’.

“Blis Futures allows brands and businesses the opportunity to target shoppers based on where they will be,” said Blis CEO, Greg Isbister. “We are now able to accurately identify people who we know are either highly likely or definitely going to buy a product. This eliminates waste in spend and increases campaign performance.”

Freshdesk connects up to Amazon

Customer engagement vendor, Freshdesk, has integrated its platform with Amazon Connect, a recently launched cloud-based contact centre service from Amazon Web Services.

The integration is aimed at helping customers have a seamless experience between the customer support product and the new contact centre service from AWS. Features include quick set-up and management of the customer contact centre, plus an ability to track and manage call centre interactions with multi-channel support. The vendor said it’s also included intelligent automations to improve team productivity.

“At Freshdesk, we believe it’s critical to deliver the experience our 100,000+ customers need and expect. We work closely with companies like AWS to build powerful and seamless integrations that enable customers to run their entire business in the cloud,” said Freshdesk VP of alliances and distribution, Francesco Rovetta.

“We are proud to support Amazon Connect at launch and look forward to introducing our customers to this amazing new solution.”

Adshel partners up with Rubicon Project to automate out-of-home

Adshel is claiming an APAC first for automating the buying and selling of out-of-home advertising thanks to a strategic partnership with Rubicon Project.

Under the new agreement and as part of a phased launch, Adshel’s inventory will be integrated with Rubicon project’s Guaranteed Orders platform, starting with its Adshel live and Adshel rail digital panel assets. The programmatic buying opportunity kicks off from April and will see agencies and in-house trading desks gaining access to this inventory across Australia, with transactions undertaken via Rubicon Project’s Guaranteed Orders interface.

Media buyers will be able to select digital panels and specify desired audience targeting using various datasets associated with each outdoor media asset, such as audience attitudes and behaviours, location datasets and campaign audience reach and frequency scores via the Outdoor Media Association’s OOH audience measurement metric, MOVE. The second phase of the partnership will be around purchasing static panels via automated media channels.

Adshel’s new partnership with Rubicon Project builds on its existing partnership with Cadreon, an IPG Mediabrands, an ad-tech unit that develops best-in-class programmatic technology solutions. That relationship has been in place since June 2014.

Adshel sales and marketing director, David Roddick, said the group believes the same kind of workflow and process automation that’s proving a key driver of growth in other media sectors can also offer value in the out-of-home space.

“When the technology combines with rich audience and location datasets it is a real game changer in the way that the media landscape presents itself to advertisers,” he said. “This is a huge step for the Australian out-of-home sector with Adshel continuing to drive the innovation agenda.”

Lotame unveils data onboarding for people-based marketing

DMP provider, Lotame, has officially launched its people-based marketing service, Lotame Onboarding, following what it claims have been successful beta trials.

The managed service is based on Liveramp’s IdentityLink offering and is designed to help marketers and agencies connect offline, subscription and CRM data with digital and mobile data in order to gain a cross-platform understanding of their customers. Offline data is made available in Lotame’s DMO and in combination with existing data.

“Offering our clients the ability to bring their offline data online means they can move from device-based to people-based marketing in one single DMP, for a complete view of their consumers,” Lotame CEO and founder, Andy Monfried, said.

As part of the deal, Lotame said it will oversee a client’s relationship with LiveRamp.

Conversocial acquires live chat startup

Social customer service platform, Conversocial, has acquired HipMob, a live chat and in-app messaging startup based in Silicon Valley.

According to Conversocial, the deal will enable it to integrate live chat into its digital platform, allowing brands engage with customers across all channels include Web, iOS and Android. Financial terms were not disclosed.

“The future of all customer service is in messaging. By building a fully integrated digital customer engagement platform, we can provide a comprehensive solution with the best of social and messaging, enabling our clients to engage their customers wherever they are”, said Conversocial CEO and founder, Joshua March.

“HipMob is a natural fit for Conversocial and will provide us with the ability to seamlessly integrate Web chat and in-app chat functionality at scale. We see this acquisition as a vital extension to our platform, ultimately capturing and engaging those customers who favour Web-based chat and enabling our clients to provide a seamless customer experience across all digital channels, on a single platform.”

Confirmit aims for better text analytics

Confirmit Horizons has released the latest version of its tech analytics offering, aimed at helping organisations mine customer feedback with more agility.

Version 22 of the vendor’s platform includes additions to Confirmit’s Genius Text Analytics, as well as a new Model Builder module, which businesses can use to maintain their own categorisation models, ensuring correct customer comments are captured and actioned. Users can also now configure reports to show text analytics results, allowing drill down into the categorisation model and sentiment analysis to uncover new insights as well as adapt models to evolving business needs.

Other features include the launch of Confirmit AskMe, a mobile survey app allowing participants to respond to surveys wherever and whenever it suits them, and provide responses via video and audio capture. There are also enhancements for better two-way integration with Salesforce CRM, new telephone interviewing features such as blacklist handling and response reviewer capabilities, and more intuitive survey creation modules.

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