10 examples of cutting-edge marketing tech

CMO takes a look at 10 real-life examples of brands utilising new technologies such as augmented reality, NFC, facial recognition, 3D scanning and more to breathe new life into their campaigns

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5. Virtual footwear: The virtual AdiVerse
Brand ambition: To make the shoe retail experience more interactive using virtual potential

Shopping in a store is traditionally embedded in the physical experience, but Adidas has found a way to combine in-store with the digital realm. The brand’s adiVerse virtual footwear wall is an extension of a real product display where shoes would be physically displayed on a shelf, but does this virtually. Using Intel computing power, touchscreen technology and 3D rendering, shoppers can select products from the virtual shelf, look into the product from any angle, rotate, zoom, as well as access further product, technology information and related content.

Built-in anonymous video analytics provides recommendations to consumers, as well as metrics on shopper trends, demographics and shopping patterns, which then enables Adidas to provide a personalised experience and relevant value-add services to shoppers. Consumers can also buy the product using tablet-based checkouts.

[[xref:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NKbsfOAVu3Y|A virtual look at AdiVerse|new]]

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10 examples of cutting-edge marketing tech

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