10 examples of cutting-edge marketing tech

CMO takes a look at 10 real-life examples of brands utilising new technologies such as augmented reality, NFC, facial recognition, 3D scanning and more to breathe new life into their campaigns

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2. Augmented reality: Eliminating buyer’s remorse
Brand ambition: IKEA aims to eliminate buyer’s remorse with augmented reality app

We’ve all been overwhelmed by the array of furniture available in Ikea stores, and wished we had an interior designer close by to help us make the right choice. Ikea has recognised and address this issue by launching an augmented reality app that allows customers to visualise 3D versions of its furniture in their homes. Using the app, consumers can virtual plan that couch, table of chair in a room. They flip through the print catalogue and when they come across a ‘plus’ symbol on the page, hover their phone or tablet until a screen pops up to scan the images on the page. When they find a piece they want to test out, they place the physical catalogue in the spot at home, and their device camera uses the book to gauge the correct scale for the products shown on the screen.

[[xref: http://www.wired.com/design/2013/08/a-new-ikea-app-lets-you-place-3d-furniture-in-your-home/|So smart: new Ikea app places virtual furniture in your home|new]]

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10 examples of cutting-edge marketing tech

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